Paul Margetts
   Sculpture and Metal-Work

Field House Farm
Worcs. DY9 9SS
01562 730003 


A commission to design and make a contemporary sculpture for Lilleshall School, Shropshire.

The design for the sculpture will be developed through working with the students and staff of the school.

Proposed site for the sculpture (below).

The project began with a blacksmithing demonstration using fire and anvil which illustrated to the children the methods involved in forging steel. This gave them an opportunity to understand some of the processes involved in making metal sculpture.


This was followed by a Power Point presentation about previous sculptures made by Paul Margetts.

Lilleshall School wishes to develop a sculpture that expresses its ideals and ethos and which will inspire all who work at and visit the school. The ideas that need to be described in the sculpture are, achievement, optimism, caring, friendship, community, happiness, and consideration for others. The children were asked to express these themes through drawing. Paul then used these suggestions to inspire his design for the sculpture.

   Below is a selection of drawings produced by the children which inspired the designs.



Two scale models have been made of the proposed designs, so that the school can decide which sculpture they prefer.
The sculpture will be approx 2.2metres high and will be mounted on a plinth approx 600mm high.


Design 1

Design 2

The school discussed which design they preferred and decided to choose Design 1, this sculpture will be given a name by the students.

The sculpture is now being made, (see photos below), it will go to be galvanised when the metal-work is completed. It is hoped that the sculpture will be installed in the summer term.


The sculpture is now awaiting a visit to the galvanisers
before being painted and installed

The sculpture in place