Blacksmiths forge bellows for developing countries.
Water bellows
A simple and effective forge blower for blacksmiths.
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Blacksmiths Water Bellows

The forge bellows shown below were developed in partnership between Paul Margetts working for VSO and Glen Forest Training Centre in Zimbabwe. The bellows were invented in 1986 to assist rural blacksmiths set up small workshops in remote areas and help in the development of their communities. 

Please feel free to copy and develop the designs


Water bellows in use. The fire can be seen in the horizontal barrel on the left.

The air is then delivered to the forge fire through pipe-work. The pipe can be protected from being burnt by the fire with a layer of clay or cement.

If metal is unavailable for the frame-work, it is possible to use wood.



Water bellows and forge in back-ground, small anvil in fore-ground with hoes
made using the water bellows.

The fire can be held within another old oil drum or a forge can be built from bricks.

Another set of water bellows set up in rural Zimbabwe with a brick forge.


A variation on the single action water bellows is the double action water bellows shown below. The double action is much more efficient but is more complicated and expensive to make.



A low cost anvil made from old railway line.

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, they are scans of prints taken 20 years ago.

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Sculpture in Metal